Defending my dream

Posted on: Mar 4, 2010

Over the past few days, I attempted capturing in words what transpired during my thesis defence. But for some reason, I found the experience very difficult to describe – somewhat telling my deep self to shut-up, to stop writing. The sentiment just wanted me to listen and to feel.  I was deeply overwhelmed by the experience. Everyone who witnessed the defence was telling me that it was a huge success! But for me, it felt unreal. It felt like a dream.

A storyline

Unlike Sigmund Freud, I have not given any attention to the study of dreams. What I know was that dream or as we call it in Filipino, “pangarap”, had been the one of the driving forces of why I have kept on racing towards the finish line of my PhD studies. Oh, I admit, as an international student, studying PhD in a foreign country, which required working and writing academic English was very tough. Because I think in Filipino, often I find myself lost in translation. Although I smiled a lot, it did not mean that I did not plan to give-up. In fact, over the past seven years, in many occasions I had given up. But my family and friends had never given up on me. They inspired me to move on. They encouraged me to continue fighting the academic battle. They moved me to fulfill the impossible dream.

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