Thesis blog 17: Thesis Miracle

Posted on: Jan 31, 2010

AFTER SUBMITTING MY THESIS DRAFT, I was so anxious. Before scheduling defence, I have to earn the approval of first, my supervisor, Dr. Victor Thiessen, and second, my two internal examiners, Dr. Dianne Looker and Dr. Howard Ramos.  I have been working hard since August 2009 and I was not sure if I would still have energy to write more if any of them would find my thesis insufficient.

With the support of Victor, I submitted my third revised full thesis draft to my internal examiners last January 11th, my 35th birthday. No words could capture the anxiety I felt the days following this submission. Victor encouraged me to take a rest and relax, which I found difficult to do. I survived those days of waiting by doing the things that I like most – singing, watching movies and re-establishing communication with family and friends. Yet, I was also aware of the possibility of “major revisions”, which would delay the scheduling of my defence.

All my anxieties, worries and fears vanished when I received this email from Victor:

January 15, 2010

Dear Clarence:

The FGS* has approved Cote**, both internals have informed me that they consider your thesis to be sufficiently developed to proceed to an oral defence, and so now we are hoping to schedule your defence for either the 19th or 26th of February.

Talk to you soon,

I was screaming on the top of my voice, praising and thanking God for this beautiful blessing! I have no way of explaining my feeling except to call it as a “thesis miracle”!  My internals listed some points where I should do minor revisions while my supervisor encouraged me to design a good oral presentation.

My thesis defence date has been set:
February 26, 2010
Friday, 10:00 AM
Room 430, Jacob Slonim Conference Room
The Goldberg Computer Science Building, 6050 University Avenue
Dalhousie University

The formal invites would be sent out soon, and would be announced through the FGS website.

I am waiting for this day to come with a smile in my face.

*FGS means Faculty of Graduate Studies
**Cote refers to Dr. Jim Cote of the University of Western Ontario, who accepted to be my external examiner.

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