Thesis blog 13: Writing youth narratives

Posted on: Nov 2, 2009

I always find writing narratives fun because I like telling and listening to stories. I like reading books, articles, documentaries and watching films. I consume stories everyday from news to interviews to reality TV to sitcoms to music videos to audio documentaries to paintings to cartoon sketches to internet chats to text messages to phone calls to chats to writing my own books. I find narratives as my life’s enterprise. The process of writing gives me a collage of feeling (sadness, happiness, hope, love, faith, disappointment, etc.), which humanizes my being. I find all things around me as data, which allows me to see the complexities of life and living.

As a writer of narratives, I have the power to highlight what in my view, are essential, even if I am telling other people’s story. I could simplify what seems to be complex, and hide things that I deem unnecessary. It is a task of mind, which could numb one’s heart. And so as I write the youth narratives of my respondents, I make myself conscious of my power as the narrator and my tendencies to highlight my own voice instead of telling their stories. I would like to believe that I handle each youth narrative with care; an intersection between my respondents’ revelation of their lives and my interpretation. This is never an easy task but a meaningful one.

I could only hope that for those few individuals who would have the chance to read these youth narratives, they would see that I incorporated not only my mind but also my writing soul.

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