Eulogy for Victor, My Mentor

Posted on: Apr 2, 2016

Volumes of capitals you seek to measure
In statistics of life you muster and endure.
Crunching numbers is what you do best
To make sense of the social’s finest!
Oh you soul of meaning in the empirical sense
Reflecting many of social life’s pretenses.

The life you’ve lived and the lives you’ve touched
Have no numbers, no measures, but lasts
In meaningful memories of well-lived life –
Emptied self, mindful soul, generous heart.
Syntax of faith, hope and love you’ve left
Shall always be celebrated and remembered.
End, you will never be, victorious Victor
Never shall you be forgotten, my dearest mentor.


*First written for Dr. Victor Thiessen as a birthday gift by Clarence M. Batan, thesis advisee PhD in Sociology, Dalhousie University, March 14, 2006.
*Edited March 14, 2016 (Canadian time), ten years after, on the occasion of Victor’s 75th birthday who passed away February 6, 2016 at Nova Scotia, Canada.



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