Thesis blog 1: Restarting my thesis journey

After a year of medical leave, after 12 months of academic hiatus, I returned to Dalhousie University to finish the PhD race that started in 2002.  Running this academic race […]

Keeping up with the pain

MANILA, PHILIPPINES. I have stayed in the Philippines for almost a year now. I went home from Canada to heal my chronic jaw pain, which points to an illness called […]

Norway and the Netherlands sojourn II

The world of social scientists circa 2009 MANDALUYONG, METRO MANILA. It was fascinating to witness hundreds of social scientists from different parts of the world gathered at Griegallen Hall (Bergen, […]

My Norway and the Netherlands sojourn

Part 1 BINANGONAN, RIZAL. Amidst the worldwide anxiety on the spread of influenza virus A(H1N1), earlier named as swine flu, I attended the first World Social Science Forum held at […]

Summer rain

MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Last April 22nd, the day when the world celebrates Earth Day, it was disturbing to experience flooding in Manila. That afternoon, the rage of rain sank the whole […]

The bond that religion makes

BINANGONAN, RIZAL. It has been three years since I spent Holy Week in the Philippines. For us Catholics, this is a week-long commemoration of the death and passion of Jesus […]

Free cold summer breeze in Baguio city

MANAOAG, PANGASINAN. Over the weekend, I had fun seeing the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. Jeff, my best friend, accompanied me to this weekend get-away to see if […]

Skating with sweet pain

MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Today, I decided to ice skate with my brother and nephew at SM Megamall, one of the few malls in the Philippines that have a skating rink. Ice […]

Returning pain

BINANGONAN, RIZAL, PHILIPPINES. Today, my nerve pain returned. I noticed it because for a number of hours, I was unable to think. I felt like doing nothing. Just like before, […]

Silent crash

I was silent for weeks but when my books and documents from Canada finally arrived the second week of November 2008, I was inspired to write my thesis again. Over […]

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