Thesis blog 10: Happy crunching numbers

While I fully enjoy writing the qualitative part of my thesis, yesterday morning, I find it difficult to do quantitative analysis. I do not think in numbers but my adviser […]

Damaging flood in the Philippines and my research site

Yesterday morning, I was interviewed by Don Connolly and Elizabeth Logan on their radio program, Information Morning at CBC Radio One (90.5) about the damaging flood that struck the Philippines […]

Thesis 9: Dreaming thesis defence

I woke up at 4:00am smiling. I felt a mixed feeling of excitement and happiness. I dreamt that I successfully defended my thesis. I was so happy sharing this news […]

Thesis 8: A moment of thesis grace

For four straight days, I wrote the last part of Chapter 4, which is all about exploring who and what the Filipino youth istambay is all about. The process of […]

Clarity and doubt

Yesterday, I went to see my adviser to know his opinion about my Chapter 4. While he was not able to finish reading all my text, he was pleased with […]

Thesis blog 6: Istambay song

In their meaningful depths, the songs written about the istambay are undeniably, social commentaries about the persisting problem of inactivity in the Philippines, particularly of Filipino youth. Although the initial […]

Thesis 5: Hypothetical istambay

I find it interesting to use a secondary data (YAFS 2002) to describe what I term as the ‘hypothetical istambay’. I call it ‘hypothetical’ because I base my argument on […]

Thesis blog 4: Istambay statistics

For days now, I have been immersed at looking at data sets. One is from a perceptual survey that I conducted at UST about the university students’ perception of istambay. […]

Thesis blog 3: Two sentences

After writing a handful of paragraph in the last few days, today, I only wrote two sentences but I am not too disappointed. The first sentence was nothing ‘coz  it […]

Thesis blog 2: Taken for granted

I devoted this past week clarifying my thoughts about the concept of “istambay”. This Filipino term is derived from the English idiom, “on standby” which generally refers to some Filipinos […]

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