Building and Bridging Education

Report by Clarence M. Batan LAST JUNE 9, 2010, six days before the formal opening of classes in the Philippines,   72 children from Kasile Barrio School in Talim Island (Binangonan, […]

A New Beginning in an Old Framework

MANILA, PHILIPPINES. AT THREE O’CLOCK this morning, I was awaken by an eerie sound of a gun-shot, and a shout – “Holdaper yan, holdaper ’yan!” (He’s a mugger, he’s a […]

Defending my dream

Over the past few days, I attempted capturing in words what transpired during my thesis defence. But for some reason, I found the experience very difficult to describe – somewhat […]

Thesis blog 17: Thesis Miracle

AFTER SUBMITTING MY THESIS DRAFT, I was so anxious. Before scheduling defence, I have to earn the approval of first, my supervisor, Dr. Victor Thiessen, and second, my two internal […]

Thesis blog 16: Full draft

AND THIS IS HOW IT FEELS: a sense of happiness with a tinge of anxiety; a sense of fulfillment with a touch of fear. After four long years of research, […]

Thesis blog 15: Can’t believe the pressure

I feel numb. Now that I am writing the last portion of my thesis, I do not feel that I am myself anymore. The ideas and the words I wrote […]

Thesis blog 14: Discovering the unexpected

Last week, after finishing up the youth narratives of my respondents, I realized that what I have been writing about in Chapter 5 of my thesis is not making sense. […]

Thesis blog 13: Writing youth narratives

I always find writing narratives fun because I like telling and listening to stories. I like reading books, articles, documentaries and watching films. I consume stories everyday from news to […]

Thesis blog 11: Hindi Lahat (Not All)

Below is a reflection poem I wrote last December 2005 during Philippine fieldwork after all the interviews with youth, parents and teachers and focus groups (youth) were done in two […]

Thesis blog 11: Istambay and the higher odds of smoking and drinking

Over the last few days, I have been thinking about why istambays smoke and drink a lot. After analyzing my data, I find it too simple to say that the […]

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