Free cold summer breeze in Baguio city

MANAOAG, PANGASINAN. Over the weekend, I had fun seeing the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. Jeff, my best friend, accompanied me to this weekend get-away to see if […]

Skating with sweet pain

MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Today, I decided to ice skate with my brother and nephew at SM Megamall, one of the few malls in the Philippines that have a skating rink. Ice […]

Returning pain

BINANGONAN, RIZAL, PHILIPPINES. Today, my nerve pain returned. I noticed it because for a number of hours, I was unable to think. I felt like doing nothing. Just like before, […]

Silent crash

I was silent for weeks but when my books and documents from Canada finally arrived the second week of November 2008, I was inspired to write my thesis again. Over […]

Healing nature, healing time

MANILA, PHILIPPINES. I am fascinated with discovering the healing power of nature and time on my pain- body. Almost four weeks ago, I decided to stop taking antibiotics. Despite the […]

Tolerating pain

MANILA, PHILIPPINES. In the last two weeks I noticed a sudden shift in my everyday activities. Leisure reading is starting to be a good part of my everyday life and […]

Dizzy earthquake

MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Every week, my chronic jaw pain is always accompanied by dizziness. I will not call it normal headache; it is just a heavy feeling of disorientation that requires […]

Silencing my person

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Two weeks ago, I am starting to feel better. With the acupuncture and the herbal medicine, I thought I am on my way to “healing”. Twice, Dr. […]

Mysterious chronic pain

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – This late morning, the CT scan result of my Para nasal sinuses (PNS) was handed-over to me by Julio, a radio x-ray technologist of the Hospital of […]

16 Youthful Souls

This spring 2008, I have had a rare chance of meeting 16 Dalhousie students who studied with me a course entitled, SOSA 3186: Youth and Society: International Perspectives; a special […]

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