My intention in having this website is not to advertise myself or my work, but to examine how many of those who have access to the Internet get to discover my existence. To date, I have a good number of online interactions as by-products of this website.

One was with an undergraduate student of the University of Santo Tomas (Manila, Philippines) who discovered my research works through googling. He was writing a thesis about the media and the Filipino youth and sought my help on the subject matter. read more>>

2020: Twenty-Twenty, Ulit-Ulit, Makulit

Unang tulang-FB post para sa 2020.

Where were you when you were nine years old?

By Clarence M. Batan As a childhood and youth Filipino sociologist, if I will be given the chance to speak my academic voice before congress and senate hearings about the […]

Stop the Criminalization of Istambays: Filipino Youths Are Being Hurt

Clarence M. Batan July 1, 2018 When Duterte spoke about the istambays two weeks ago, he made history for being the first Filipino president to use the concept of “istambay” as […]